In this Bleeding Control Course, you will learn the six ways to stop bleeding.  You will learn about Direct Pressure, how to apply a Hemostatic Dressing, how to pack a wound, how to use the techniques of digital pressure and digital pinch to stop traumatic bleeding and how to deploy and apply a tourniquet.

This course includes the algorithms that explain each bleeding control method that you can download and print.

This course is offered free of charge in hopes that a life may be saved by someone who participated in this course.

I'm your Instructor

Jeffrey S. Imel, WEMT, NREMT

Emergency Medical Services Educator

I am a National Registry Emergency Medical Technician and Wilderness Emergency Medical Technician. I hold instructor certifications in First Aid, CPR/AED, First Responder and Wilderness First Aid.

My life mission is to teach people with no medical background how they can save lives in the first critical minutes of a medical emergency. I have over three decades of teaching experience and I believe you will find my method of instruction to be enjoyable.

I am the author of two books, First Aid Emergency Care and Wilderness First Aid Made Easy. My books illustrate first aid care and treatment using intuitive “Yes-No” decision diagrams. These books significantly reduce the time first aid students spend taking notes in class and students who use my books report increased retention and achieve higher test scores. My book and teaching method will increase your confidence during the scenario portions of the course and serve as an excellent review tool to help you keep your knowledge refreshed.​

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